For over twenty years we have been offering healthy
ingredients cooked in a natural way respecting the subtle balance of the human organism.
Even the choice of wines and beers to pair with our dishes is aimed at products from raw materials
elaborated in natural way through spontaneous fermentation, indigenous yeast or non-filtration/clarification.

Fermenti Sociali

Organic brewery in Valsamoggia, Bologna.
“We use only our malts. We find hops from experimental crops started by some local farmers"

“R.I.O.T. – Red Irish of Tolé”

Red beer given by a mixture of Pils, Pale and Rosted malts. The foam of light colour and medium grain is medium persistent. Transparent and coppery color, full body.
In the mouth the flavour of toasted barley is balanced with malty notes.

6% abv – 500ml | 6 

“Samoggia Common”

It is made from locally grown Pale Ale malt and US hops. The white foam is fine and persistent.
The color is amber and opalescent, the smell is herbaceous and citrus of medium persistence. In the mouth the bitterness is non-invasive and contrasted by the taste of malt.

5,5% abv – 500ml | € 6

White Blond

Aromatic and sour wheat beer inspired by the German Weißen with the characteristic aroma of banana and fruit.

5,5% abv – 500ml | € 6

“Stella Chiara”

“Stella Chiara is a low fermentation beer inspired by German lagers. It has a light, fresh taste and not too bitter".

5% abv – 500ml | € 6

“B.A.V. – Belgian Ale Valsamoggia”

Blond ale with coriander and bitter orange peel. Loosely inspired by Belgian white beers. The percentage of wheat is currently 10%. The white, medium-grained foam is not very persistent. Visually it is yellow and opalescent. On the nose the bread crust is evident, accompanied by the delicacy of the hops with continental aromas. In the mouth, the muted acidity and still the hints of our self-produced malts are noticeable.

6% abv – 500ml | € 6

Härtsfelder Familienbrauerei

Dunstelkingen (Germany)

“Birra Kingen” Hell

Beer Kingen is an organic beer produced according to ancient traditions, allowed to mature for at least one month and bottled in recycled bottles, for less environmental impact.

5,1% abv – 330ml | € 3,50

Società agricola Il Mastio – Colmurano MC

“Biosfera” – Gluten Free

Blond ale

4,6% abv – 330ml | € 3,50

Azienda artigianale Lucia Maria Melchiori

Predaia TN

Life is BREWTIFUL lager

“Our craft beers are brewed with passion and selected ingredients: 100% barley malt, pure mountain water, yeasts and Trentino hops".

4,5% abv – 330ml | € 3,50


Dinker-Radler Alkoholfrei

Alcohol free
50% non-alcoholic spelled wheat beer*, 50% lemonade (water, agave syrup, lemon juice, carbon dioxide)

330 ml | € 3,50